Employment conditions

Salary, holiday allowance and end-of-year bonus

VU Amsterdam offers a market-oriented salary, defined in the collective agreement and related to the position. Salaries are divided into different salary scales. With good performance, there is the possibility of growth within the salary scale. In addition to the basic salary, the VU Amsterdam pays a holiday allowance of 8% and a year-end bonus of 8.3%. In determining salaries, the VU Amsterdam, as a social organisation, applies a remuneration policy that is subject to the WNT.


A full-time 38-hour working week comes with a holiday entitlement of 232 hours per year. If you choose to work 40 hours, you have 96 extra holiday hours on an annual basis. With a part-time appointment, this is calculated pro rata.

Travel, home working and internet allowance

As part of hybrid working, you make arrangements with your supervisor about the number of days you do your work at the VU. The VU provides employees with both a travel, home office and internet allowance.

The travel allowance is €0.12 per kilometre for employees who come to VU Amsterdam mainly by public transport, bicycle or otherwise, but not by motorised transport. In addition to the €0.12 per kilometre, there is a possibility of a tax exchange, which allows the reimbursement to reach a maximum of €0.24 per kilometre. The VU Amsterdam strives for the greenest possible travel expense scheme.

On the number of days you do your work at the VU you are entitled to a travel allowance. For the remaining days, a home office allowance of €2 per day applies. The collective agreement also agrees that employees will receive an internet allowance of €25 per month, regardless of the working time factor.

Individual choices model

The Individual choices Model allows you to compile your benefits package of your choice every year within certain limits. By using the sources salary, holiday allowance, year-end bonus and holiday hours, you can choose a number of goals. These include the purchase of a bicycle (bicycle scheme), the purchase of extra holiday hours, reimbursement of study costs or extra income.

Group insurance schemes

The VU offers employees various Group insurance schemes for e.g. car, travel, contents, liability, legal aid, healthcare and disability.


At VU Amsterdam, your pension is with Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP). ABP is the largest pension fund in the Netherlands, providing pensions for the entire government and education sector.

Flexible working hours

A monthly schedule will be agreed with your supervisor. The starting point is 38 hours per week (for full-time employment). The Flexible Working Hours scheme allows you to work two hours more (plus variant) or less (minus variant) than 38 hours per week. Your salary remains based on 38 hours. The excess or deficit hours worked will be deducted from your holiday card.

VU Fit at Work

As an employee, you can make free use of the VU Fit at Work sports programme at Sportcentrum VU, on campus and in Amstelveen. At both locations, many different training sessions and classes are offered, including yoga, broga, kickboxing, badminton, basketball and spinning. There are also plenty of options for unlimited fitness (with or without personal supervision).

Arts and culture at VU Amsterdam

On the VU Campus, there is always something to do: to the cinema, a theatre performance, exhibitions and other events.

VU Griffioen has a diverse theatre programme and offers many different creative courses. The theatre features everything from cabaret to drama, music and dance, from big names to new talents. Courses cover everything from dance to music, mindfulness, drama, writing, painting and much more. VU employees always get a discount on both performances and courses.

Rialto VU is a movie theatre with four state-of-the-art movie theatres in the New University Building.

Relocation support

To support international academic talent in their move to work at VU Amsterdam, we offer relocation support. We believe it is important to properly welcome new international talent and ensure that the move to the Netherlands goes smoothly. In doing so, we offer support in arranging a residence and work permit, housing, personal financial plan, health and medical care, partner support, childcare and school. For questions about relocation support, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].