Get started as a PhD candidate

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) offers intensive PhD programs of three or four years or part-time PhD programs lasting more than four years. The PhD programs are organized in graduate schools of nine VU faculties. Our PhD candidates become internationally engaged scholars with transferable skills and opportunities to pursue careers within or outside academia.

We provide customized training and mentoring. We emphasize the development of research and professional skills, such as the ability to work in teams. In short, we aim to develop committed and responsible academics and future professionals who continually explore and push the boundaries of existing knowledge. Our doctorates are internationally oriented, multi- and interdisciplinary, curious and results-oriented, and have an impact on science, society and economy.

Earning a PhD from VU Amsterdam leads to a wide range of careers: our graduates become scientists and researchers at universities and colleges; non-profit companies and think tanks; consulting firms and corporations.

At VU Amsterdam, we have two types of PhD candidates

Internal PhD

Internal PhDs are paid employees who have an employment contract with VU Amsterdam.

External PhD

External PhD do their PhD research at VU Amsterdam with foreign funding or scholarship, or are self-funded professionals or students.

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