If you are looking for a university with a long tradition of academic excellence, for a university where personal education and societal involvement play a leading role, you will find it at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (in short VU Amsterdam). A university where people from different disciplines and backgrounds work together to innovate and generate new knowledge. VU Amsterdam understands the importance of respecting the communities that surround us. Colleagues and students who choose to join us are choosing for respectful cooperation, support and openness to one another's ideas. Not only as colleagues but also as individuals who take a genuine interest in one another.

Workshops & events

Throughout the year, we schedule various workshops for international staff (and accompanying partners). Are you interested to participate in one of these workshops or do you have suggestions for any other topics, please feel free to let us know.


The Services Team of the International Office offers various services for its international guests and employees. These services include applying for Visa and Residence permits for prospective and current staff. PhD students, guest researchers and bursary PhD students are all considered as staff members. Furthermore, the staff of the Services Team can apply for visas and residence permits for family members of all prospective and current staff. 
As procedures for foreign nationals can be quite lengthy, the International Office would like to receive the application in VUnet at least two months prior to the intended start date.

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’When I was looking for a PhD position, I had a number of offers from excellent universities, but, in the end, I chose VU Amsterdam. The main reason for this choice was the great research group I would join, led, at the time, by Andrew Tanenbaum. Moreover, Amsterdam is such a great place to live for expats and locals alike. In short, when I first came to Amsterdam, I fell in love with both the university and the city. And since the airport is only a 7-minute train ride away, I still feel connected with my home country and the rest of the world.’
Christiano Giuffrida
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track Candidate) in Systems Security and Reliability


VU Amsterdam recognizes the importance to support new international staff in making the move to take up a position at VU Amsterdam. Changing work location is both a practical matter as a major life change, often affecting partners and families too. The university offers several services for senior researchers to support them before and after arrival at VU Amsterdam, also via the Relocation Advisor, Sara Veldhorst.

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Before you start working at VU Amsterdam there are some practical matters that needs to be taken care of. 

Here you find information about what you need to know before you move to The Netherlands, once you arrive and what needs to be arranged. 

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We know that moving to The Netherlands has a huge impact on a family. Here you find all information related to our Partner & spouse network, childcare facilities, schools and education,  childcare benefits and much more.

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Once you have been appointed, VUnet (intranet) acts as the first port of call for information, including almost all HR issues. If you have any additional questions, the HRM Servicedesk is at your service on working days from 8:30 to 17:30 hours.

T 020 598 2882


Welcome to VU Amsterdam! The board of VU Amsterdam finds it important that new employees do not only get to know their direct working environment, but also get acquainted with VU Amsterdam as a whole. Therefore, eight times a year, the university organizes a welcome event for new staff members. The event consists of an informal lunch meeting, specific information provision for international staff and a welcome speech by a member of the University Board. 


Welcome to the VU Amsterdam International Staff network, a network for all international VU employees that wish to meet, network and learn from each other. The VU international staff network provides a social, cultural and informational meeting platform all year round. The International Staff Network serves as the perfect place to gain knowledge, to exchange mutual experiences and to connect with international employees whether you are a newcomer or have already spent some years at VU Amsterdam. 

The International Staff Network as community builder provides a digital platform, as well as a physical Global Room where staff can meet and interact. Staff can initiate events, workshops and Q&A sessions on relevant topics. 
Want to join? Please go to our VU International Staff-group at and register. 
Once joined, you will get access to our Global Room. You can join but also initiate events yourself that serve the international community at VU.


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